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Discover why our teachers love Uni Power and their teaching jobs in China

Don't just take our word for it, listen to our real teachers who are happy and teaching English in China now.

Getting started with Uni Power is easy, simply read why our teachers choose us over the rest and APPLY below.

Teach English in over 50 cities all over China , including beautiful coastal locations. Find your perfect opportunity today.

While everyone has heard of Beijing and Shanghai, China is a huge place and has many other exciting cities each with its own unique character. Our schools are located all over China so whether you teach English in China in the hustle and ​bustle of a city along the east coast, a warmer climate further south or something a bit more off the beaten track , you will find fall in love with the life and the job in which city you work .
There is a famous saying :  “Above, there is heaven. Below there is Hangzhou and Suzhou.” Regarded as one of the two paradises in Zhejaing by the Chinese people, Most of the cities in Zhejiang offer ideal destinations for anyone seeking to live and teach in China.
To teach English in Shanghai is to live in the epicenter of modern day China and to be a part of the animate growth and dynamic energy of a city racing to the future. Shanghai is the place to be for high paying teaching jobs and the chance to build valuable experience while having the time of your life.
Guangzhou is considered as the paradise for food-lovers in south China. Guangzhou dish represents well the Guangdong (Cantonese) Cuisine, which is one among the most famous eight cuisines in China.
Shenzhen is one of China’s largest and most exciting cities, located in southern China, just a 30 minute train ride from Hong Kong. With a hot, pleasant climate, an eclectic mix of people from around China and the world, Shenzhen has developed into a city with dynamic energy and plenty of ESL teaching jobs. Shenzhen boasts a varied cuisine, a lively nightlife, exciting art scene and easily accessible beaches.
Located in the southwest tip of the Pearl River Delta, Doumen District covers an area of 674.8sqkm and has a population of 450,000 including156,000 returned overseas Chinese and Hong Kong-and Macao-originated residents. It is known
as a home to overseas Chinese and an area of waters.

Endorsed by the National Tourism Administration, China Tourism News and National Tourism Administration Department of Resource Development jointly launched a selection of China’s Top 40 Tourist Destinations, which included Zhuhai as the only city in its entirety throughout China in 1991.
Dongguan locates in the central south of Guangdong Province, northeast of the Pearl River Delta. It is 59 kilometres south of Guangzhou, 99 kilometres north of Shenzhen, and 140 kilometers away from Hong Kong. Dongguan has a total area of 2,465 square kilometers. Geographically, the city is mostly hilly to the east and flat in the west, with 115.98 kilometers of shoreline. It is positioned in the middle of the Guangzhou-Shenzhen economic corridor, a spot which must pass through by both land and sea transport.

Our Teachers Love Uni Power Because We Help Make Your Teaching Job And Life Easier and better...

"After finishing my TESOL/TEFL course I was excited to start my journey. However, many agencies I applied to offered a poor quality service. I was glad to find Uni Power. They were quick with answering all my questions while also helping me find the right school and perfect location that met my exact needs that I was looking for as a teacher overseas."

Derek , Sesame Street 
 "All I did was apply to Uni Power online. By the next morning, they had already responded to my email. After a short skype meeting, I had two English teaching interviews scheduled via Skype within a week. It was fast & very exciting!"

Dean , SK 

"When searching for teaching jobs overseas, it's hard to come across a company that responds as quick as Uni Power does to all your questions. Uni Power has been a safety net throughout a very challenging and scary 18 months for me, so I owe them a great deal. I honestly consider them friends."

Emma,  Kindyroo

How it works..

Submit an application

Skype interview 

Get a job offer and ready to come 

Have the teaching skills training then stark work
      The entire recruitment process is completely free from start to finish .

Professional Jobs and Vetted Schools...

Western management

Full induction and on-going support

Teacher training workshops and seminars

Cutting edge teaching materials

Interactive white boards in the classrooms

Generous Salary & Benefits...

Generous salary depending on experience , education background & location

Free accommodation: Fully furnished , near the school

Flight allowance

Visa service : Easier and more convenient  

Paid holidays 

On-going training and academic support

Promotion opportunities

...Depending on your work experience, education background and the situation of the placement school, your remuneration MIGHT be slightly different.

Diverse Jobs In Different Wonderful Cities...


Primary, Middle & High school


Private language centers

Adults & business English centers

100% Free Service For Teachers
We offer a completely free service from start to finish, you do not pay us anything.
We just ask that you tell your friends about us.
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Easily Find TEFL/ESL Jobs With The Leading Schools In China

Teach English in China and immerse yourself in one of the most fascinating and fast changing countries on the planet, while at the same time making a positive difference to the lives of thousands of students. Teach English in China and begin an immensely enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Learn to speak Mandarin Chinese, stroll along the Great Wall of China, visit the pandas in Sichuan, soak up the sun on an east coast beach, enjoy a delicious cuisine and engage yourself in the fast paced, cosmopolitan lifestyle that is modern China. Our wide variety of high paying English teaching jobs in China offer you rewarding work and the chance to discover a fascinating culture.

With over 3 years of experience in the ESL industry and founded by a former Director of Studies, Gold Star TEFL Recruitment has close ties with all the major English schools across China. We understand fully what teachers value when looking to teach English in China and the importance of securing an ESL teaching job with a professional and trustworthy company.

Trusted By Leading Schools...

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High paying competitive salary


Vic (CEO)

Uni Power 

Comprehensive health insurance included

On-going support and training

Why Teach English In China With Our Schools?
“There is no better time to come to China to teach English. The country offers the opportunity for a genuine cultural experience and meaningful work. “
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Plus These Amazing Perks
Attractive salaries that allow for a very comfortable lifestyle and good savings

Accommodation provided – furnished, near the school

Supportive Western management

Clearly laid out contracts & visa service

Flight allowance provided

A social circle of other foreign teachers

Exceptional ESL teaching materials and resources including interactive whiteboards

Excellent promotion opportunities to senior teacher and Director of Studies

Free Mandarin Chinese classes at the school

Make friends and have the time to explore a culture from a local perspective

 Have A Question...? Apply Now and Be Sure Ask One Of Our Experts

If you are thinking about teaching English in China you no doubt you have all kinds of questions about life in China and we’re here to answer them. We can give you expert advice on living in China, the culture, the politics, teaching, qualifications, housing, the recruitment process, learning Chinese and anything else you need to know. (Please see some common questions below)

What are the costs of the recruitment process for me?

I can’t speak Chinese. Is that a problem?



There are no costs at all for you. The entire recruitment process is free of charge from start to finish.



You can teach English in China without knowing how to speak Chinese. Students expect to get immersed in English during class and so speaking Chinese is actually discouraged in class.



Will I have enough money to support myself?

How will I live?



We offer a competitive salary that provides a good standard of living in China. Teachers generally find that their salary gives them a purchasing power in China that is much stronger than in their home country. It’s possible to live comfortably and save up to half your salary.
We will provide you with free accommodation ,which is fully furnished.


How will I get my visa?

Who pays for my flight?


According to your conditions , we will asist you  to get the visa.


Most schools offer a flight allowance, reimbursing your flight costs up to an agreed amount over a period of time. Usually you will gey one trip flght allowance after 12 months working for the school with good performances.


Will I need to get any vaccinations before coming to China?


What happens if I get sick



A Chinese staff is able to help take you to the hospital if needed. 
There are no mandatory vaccinations . It may be a good idea to get a shot for Hepatitis A & B and discuss other suggestions with your local doctor.


Uni Power , ESL Professional Team 

The Uni Elits Platform of ESL Industry

Uni power was founded in May , 2012 . At that time, Uni power was one of the first companies of its kind in China. Due to our team's efforts and qualified services, we set the industry standards and become China's Recruiting service leader. Uni Power , directed by Experienced recruiters and placement counselors have placed hundreds of teachers throughout the years.

Language Schools across China contact us to supply them with qualified English teachers. Through careful pre-screening, we place qualified teachers in Language centres , Kindergartens, Elementary schools, high schools and some universities and corporations all over China. Our job is to use our expertise in the hiring process to bring successful results in both candidates and schools alike.

Our services do not end after placement. From the moment you arrive in China, we are with you every step of the way. We have a responsibility to support you throughout your stay in China and we take the steps to ensure that your experience in China is a positive one.

It is our goal to make your stay in China as smooth and secure as possible. We will do our best to make your experience in China not only satisfying but also rewarding. 

Please feel free to contact us by email or skype . 
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